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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm will be released March 12th, 2013!

Information on the expansion can be found here, including pricing for standard and collector's edition:…

More info and images to come!

Guts is a Turn-Based Action Strategy game similar to Final Fantasy tactics with a Diablo-style infusion of action! The player assumes control of a battle hardened orphan clearing the wastelands of innumerable hordes of horrible beasts! Dont' like to read? Play the demo then!

This game is being developed by a super talented 3-man team. One of whom, Chris Haga, is a close friend who is creating the visuals for Guts, his prior occupation was creating many of the spell effects in Diablo 3!
They've just launched their Kickstarter page, and a mere $5 contribution will get you a copy of the game upon release!

THE GAME IS ALREADY PLAYABLE, you can check out a 4-level demo and also learn about additional features from the Kickstarter page as well!…

Chris is a very talented, technically minded artist who I've admired for as long as I've known him. His ability to do so much of this project with only programming and audio support is a testament to that. Thanks for taking a look, and many thanks to those of you who lend their support to independent game development!

You can follow the developers of Guts - Big Men Games here:
Big Men Games:
Blizzcon 2011 videos featuring the work we've been doing since Wings of Liberty can be found here:
Starcraft 2 Art and Technology:

Specific Segments:
Lead Artist Allen Dilling talks about the multiplayer artwork in Heart of the Swarm

3d Artist Steve Provost discusses the environment art we'll be seeing in Heart of the Swarm

Lead Software Engineer Dominic Filion showcases previous builds of Starcraft 2 during the development of Wings of Liberty

Finally, I did a presentation on the work we've done on Blizzard DotA

The Q&A segment can be found here

Much appreciation to ArogatsGaming, vadimos86, and rezyn8 for putting these videos on Youtube!